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If you are looking to make a change in your life like a new career, make some sort of life transition or feel that you need a new direction but not sure how, I would like to tell you that it’s possible to have whatever you want in life.

One of the quickest ways to create the change you really desire is to understand and consciously use the Universal Laws that govern our lives.

What are the Universal Laws?

1. Law of Attraction
2. Law of Deliberate Creation
3. Law of Allowing
4. Law of Sufficiency and Abundance
5. Law of Pure Potentiality
6. Law of Detachment
7. Law of Polarity

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Why use my coaching?

I will show you how to use these laws in unison with one another so that you can take inspired action to achieve your personal, professional and financial goals.

Yes, it’s the understanding of each and how applying all of them together, energetically that will lead to your success. Everything in the Universe is energy and vibration. Quantum physics has shown us that nothing is truly solid. All matter is energy and vibration and our thoughts determine how that matter appears in our lives. If you want to change your outer world, your inner world needs to change first. We are vibrational beings, and as such, we are continually sending out a signal, or vibration to which the Universe responds. We are literally co-creating our lives by the thoughts and emotions we are transmitting on a habitual basis.

During our lives we pick up limiting-belief systems from our parents, peers, society and culture that do not serve us anymore. These can be buried in your subconscious running on “auto-pilot” with no real conscious awareness on your part on how they are influencing your life.

The biggest obstacle to creating the life that you want is the level of resistance you are offering to your desire. Part of my job will be to assist you in dissolving those obstacles so that you can magnetise your desire straight to you.

My coaching will empower you to:

  • Uncover any sabotaging behaviours and help you nip them in the bud.
  • Gain emotional relief.
  • Identify strategies to your goal.
  • Use specific tools to create the life you want.

Who am I?

I awoke to spirituality/Universal energy use in the late 90s when I was feeling unfulfilled in my professional life. Upon learning how to use deliberate thoughts and energy my life changed completely. I moved abroad, learned a new language and held management jobs in foreign companies until I decided to get out of the rat-race where I set-up my own business in the fitness sector. Upon selling up I decided to do something crazy at the age of 37. Become an airline pilot!

Everything was going fine until 2012 when I found myself suddenly grounded. Being someone who had been able to manifest my wants and desires quite easily for many years with different spiritual practices, there I was blocked and looking for reasons why. It was a period of time in my life that threw me into a dark night of the soul. Various life challenges highlighted a large shadow aspect I had, dating back to childhood. I knew that if I didn’t find the true source of light from that darkness then my life wouldn’t change.

I began a lot of inner work and understanding that your life is not about you, but about the lives of those who you touch, and how you touch them…that we are here to serve others.

I began to study and work consciously with the Universal Laws. My view on who I am and my purpose for being on this planet changed during this time. Having returned to the skies I now fly less and assist others to realize their dreams of living fulfilled lives. As a qualified QSCA Law of Attraction Life Coach and am ready to touch your life in a positive way.

Next steps

I offer you a FREE 30 min Discovery call via internet/telephone to determine how I can serve you.

If you wish to continue then we can agree to work together with one of the following packages:

– One-on-one coaching € 80 per session

– Four session package € 280

– I offer coaching in English and Spanish.


“Having Charles as a coach is a real blessing in my life! Working with him helped my navigate all upcoming challenges and turn them into insights and growth. He often lead me back to confidence and stamina when I had doubts and fears. Thanks to working with him I have built up my coaching business and program of parental online classes. If you want to be coached with inspiration, wisdom and clarity and if you want to take your life to the next level, I highly recommend working with Charles as a coach!”
Natalie H, France

I chose (needed) to work with Charles Kent because I was stuck on a very specific abundance issue. From the get-go, I felt comfortable opening up to him and answering his specific questions which helped me to find clarity on the exact root of the blockage. He is a very honest and capable coach and the first result was amazing. Of course, I continued working with him after that and besides feeling confident after my sessions with him, the results repeated themselves. I have no regrets whatsoever about asking his help and assistance to create the forward push and renewed energy I needed.
Carin V B, France

“Hola soy, Teresa, agradecer a Charles el trabajo y el recorrido que hemos realizado juntos. No ha sido un camino fácil, pues yo no estaba en mi mejor momento. Me ha guiado, acompañado con técnicas, trabajos y sesiones para ayudarme en mi proceso y semana a semana ir progresando y mejorando en mi estado de ánimo gracias a sus técnicas, atención, dedicación y cariño. Gracias a su profesionalidad, terapias, seriedad y tratamiento serio y minucioso hoy soy una mujer nueva, más fuerte, segura, tranquila, positiva en busca de sueños e ilusiones. Gracias, gracias, gracias AMIGO.”
Teresa R, España

My experience with Charles Kent was not only amazing but I can say it was like magic!  I wanted to sell my flowers, of which I have a lot. Despite that in my country, especially now, people don’t care a lot about beauty in this way, and this was a really crazy idea I put in my mind that I will do it.  I did and tried a lot but nothing worked so I asked Charles if he could help me with this. 
During the session, in a very gentle, but powerful way, we figured out what stuck me and I was very surprised when I realised that I was sabotaging myself! 
I was very happy after our session because I also got clear and concise about myself and imagine, only within two weeks after the session I found a client who took ALL my flowers and paid for them the price I asked without any questions! 
It was fantastic!
I’m so grateful to you, Charles! You are a Master of asking the right questions, a very professional and intelligent coach! 
I love to work with you and happy to have you in my life! 
Thank you so much!
Samira A, Yemen

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